"Knowledgeable, Dedicated and Patient tutor"

-Khushwinder Trenton, NJ on 7/31/2020

 My son is going to second grade. He needs some help in english reading. Jane was able to make him comfortable right away. The first session was about accessing skill level. Jane made the whole session a fun and my son was very comfortable and enjoyed the whole session. Jane is very knowledgeable and patient. We feel lucky that we found her and I am sure that my son would enjoy learning from her.

   Carma L.  

We feel so fortunate to have found Mrs. West, and her expertise with teaching kids writing skills is unmatched by anyone else I have used in the past. Check out her website. It does a great job of explaining her methods and skills. My son dislikes writing and wishes he didn't have to do it, but he loves his teacher/tutor Mrs. West, and that is important when it's a subject your kid has struggled with in the past in public school.

Student Age 12

 Jane West works with my four children ranging in age from 8-13. She gives my children writing assignments to gauge what level they are at and to pinpoint where they need the most help. She tailors the lesson to each individual student's needs. I especially appreciate her focus on giving my kids a solid foundation. Before moving on to more complex writing formats she makes sure they have the basics down. Jane is incredibly patient and makes learning to write easy to understand. She also has extensive experience teaching. She knows how to make it fun and how to set up appropriate rules at the same time. I have never had a teacher from home using Zoom, and I was worried it wouldn't work for my kids. However, to my surprise, Jane successfully keeps my kids on track and learning. I appreciate not having to drive or travel in order for my kids to have a wonderful and high qualified tutor for English and writing skills.


 Happy New Year, Jane!

   I'm pleased to inform you that in 2019, you were one of the top 10 of over 17,500 tutors who had lessons on Wyzant!

   It's a competitive world out there, and life as a tutor is no different. Yet through hard work, talent, and commitment to your students, you rose to the top of the heap.

   Well done. Here are some of your 2019 highlights:

- In 2019, you were a top 10% Wyzant tutor

- In fact, your exact percentile was 90.68%, out of a total of 17,575 active tutors.

- You had 124 total lessons and accumulated 124 hours of tutoring.

- Your top subject, Writing, accounted for 60% of those hours.

   Great Tutor!

Midway through 5th grade, my son's teacher held a conference with us to discuss my son's writing. He is very smart in many areas but he was struggling with writing. He was below grade level and falling further behind. I sought out tutoring for him and found Jane. What a blessing! We began seeing immediate improvements! Now 9 months later, we just had our 1st trimester conference of 6th grade. My son's teacher can't believe he was behind or even needed a tutor! Jane's kindness and sweet nature is apparent from the moment you meet her. She is very organized and I have seen her work with incredible patience and care. That said, my favorite thing about Jane is that I love how creative she is when engaging her students. She appeals to my son's sense of humor which makes learning interesting and he truly enjoys working with her. I have unwavering faith in Jane and her tutoring abilities!

(Amy, 45 lessons with Jane)


A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read --Mark Twain

   Jen W

Jane has worked with both of my boys on improving their writing skills over the past 2 years. She has strategic approach to helping people work through the fundamentals of sentence structure and essay writing. We are so happy we found her and would highly recommend her services. She truly has made a significant difference in both of my boys' writing abilities.

   Jenna Dobkin

 Both of my 10-year old sons have improved their writing in just 6 weeks of working with Mrs. West. This is no small feat, considering one experienced considerable anxiety every time he was asked to write something in school and the other is dyslexic. She's patient, approachable and a blessing. My sons look forward to resuming their studies this fall.

   .Cindy P

My 16-year- old daughter had no confidence in her writing ability. Within only a few weeks, she was reporting to me that she was able to write sentences easily now. It's only been about six weeks, and my formerly writing-anxious kid is now working on an essay, and she hasn't come to me once for it. Writing used to be such a huge struggle, but she now has the confidence she needs to write well and do it independently. My daughter and I both highly recommend Jane.


She's only been tutoring me for a little over a month now, and already it has AMAZED me how far I've come with writing essays. I was able to write almost a complete essay in about an hour, and all the while it felt easy to me. I never would have even dreamed of being able to do that before now!

(16-year-old homeschooler)

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