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Winning Words Essay Writing Coach

Does your student either struggle with how to begin writing or become "stuck" after writing a few lines?


I have designed a proven writing process that resolves these issues completely.  After only eight to ten lessons, every one of my students has learned the skills required to write notes, organize those notes, and develop them into well-written paragraphs. Their grades and test scores have all improved dramatically by that time. My lessons each follow a sequential process and build one upon another like stair steps to success.

Originally, I had designed this writing cycle to teach eight and nine-year-old students to write essays. I found that young students learning to write had no idea how to begin the process so that their ideas could be developed properly. Once I designed these lessons and taught them to students, writing became a joy because they had a simple process to follow.

Since then, I have taught the exact same process to students from age seven to seventy with absolute success. Many of my students have won essay writing contests, and some have become professional authors and editors. It always thrills me to receive a newly published book from a former student with a handwritten note, thanking me for teaching this exact process.


Being patient and encouraging, I give my students confidence in their writing skills. In addition, my sense of humor and gentle nature create a safe learning space for new students.

Get in touch so we can discuss your student's needs.

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